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Used Cars

Earl 34 years

Lorraine 34 years

Dean 30 years

Jeff 25 years

Paul 29 years

Jeff (Foots) 12 years

Joey 10 years

Rob 5 years

Earl Williams (having been told that he was born with a wrench in his hand) had a dream of owning a family business of this kind. His wife, Lorraine, wanting to help make that dream come true, gave up her job as a hairdresser and working along with Earl, it became a reality. They bought the business in March 1974 from a previous owner who had it since 1926.

Earl and Lorraine have three children. Dean, Lorie-Anne and Jeff. At a young age, the boys came and helped their father and mother doing whatever young children do. They are still working along with their parents and have learned the ..."ins and outs" of the business through their expertise and are doing very well. Earl oversees everything and Lorraine does all the office work and helps Dean and Jeff at the front desk whenever necessary. Lorie-Anne, wanting to pursue her interest into other areas, has helped by running errands whenever necessary.

Earl and Lorraine worked hard to get this going. Many week-ends were spent in the yard until dark but with the help of their sons, his brother Lyle and many friends and some of the staff, the business has flourished through the years. As the years continue to go by, Earl and Lorraine will eventually retire leaving Dean and Jeff to carry on the family business.

The Sarnia Auto Repair Shop was established in 1981 in order to repair vehicles for customers and also for our re-sale vehicles, and some comes with safety checks and emissions papers and the vehicles can be seen anytime in the front car lot at the yard on Plank road. Sarnia Auto Wreckers Ltd also carry lots of good used tires, motors, transmission, body parts, alternators, batteries, starters and whatever else is needed to help people fix their own vehicles.

In addition to operating their business, Earl, Lorraine, Dean and Jeff continue to support the Sarnia Lambton Community with their involvement with seniors and youth sports. They also provide the Fire School and the fire departments with vehicles for practicing the jaws of life(since 1980). Jeff was instrumental with the Sarnia Auto Wreckers involvement with the Kidney Car Program(since Feb.2000). Earl and Lorraine along with Dean and Jeff, their family and staff would like to thank all the customers who have supported them through out the years making Sarnia Auto Wreckers Ltd what it is today.

You can see the sign on our building on Plank Road and hope you get a good laugh at the slogan..."Resting place for old wrecks"

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